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The Brackenbury Backpack

What is it all about?

By the time they leave, our children will sport a Brackenbury Backpack bursting with wonderful experiences and vital knowledge and skills.  They will embody our school values:

  • Proud to show their Brackenbury Best and be the best they can be in and out of school
  • Determined to be good citizens of their local community and the wider world
  • Brave to face their next challenges in life and education

Our Brackenbury Backpack details what our school curriculum and wide-ranging school experiences offer children to help them develop into well-rounded individuals, including culture, arts and sports; community and life lessons.  Our backpack enables children to be the best they can be!

Culture, Arts and Sports (blue balloon)

During their time with us, your child will have lots of different opportunities to take part in different cultural, art and sporting activities.  This helps to develop our core values and opens up a wider world of opportunities.  

Community (yellow balloon)

We want all our children to be great citizens of the local, city, national and world community.  Learning about diversity, inspiring leaders and using our local environment will all help children to be a valuable member of our school community and the iwder world.

Life Lessons (green balloon)

Our children will leave Brackenbury ready ofr the next stage of their life, having learnt some key skills such as first aid, sleeping away from home, being part of a school team and lern how to cook healthy food.


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