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For the review of 2019-2020 and plans for the current academic year, please see the link below.  Due to Covid-19, sports competitions have not been able to take place and we are really missing those competitions!  We have been focusing on personal challenges and making sure that for those children who were in school there were regular daily physical challenges; for those children at home we had daily physical challenges too.  We even managed a virtual sports week in July 2020.  

Sports funding 2020-2021 (& review of 2019-2020)


What did we do in 2018-2019?

For the year 2018-2019, Brackenbury  embraced sports!  We have said yes to everything and consequently have had an excellent sporting year.  Every school receives an amount of money to promote sports and healthy life styles.  Please see the link below to look at what we did this year.


We took part in so many sports!  These are just some of them!

Archery, climbing, football, netball, tri-golf, dance, cricket, athletics - indoor and outdoor, swimming, karate, running and cross-country


We are delighted that we gained a SILVER games mark for all our sports efforts in 2018-2019!

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