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Equalities Information

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We recognise and accept our duties and responsibilities to eliminate discrimination and promote equality, including the requirement to involve the whole school community in the process in order to ensure better outcomes for all. 

Our current equalities policy can be accessed here.

We have a four year equalities statement from June 2021 - June 2024.  This is reviewed annually.  Please click here to see this document.  Our review for June 2023 is here.

We have three main areas that we are focusing on during this time.

  1. 1. Eliminating discrimination - being an autism friendly school, having a diverse range of resources and the explicit taching of vocabulary.
  2. 2. Equality of opportunity - access to quality books, IT at home and different life expereinces through the school's curriculum.
  3. 3. Good relationships between different groups of people - develop links with local religious groups and to promote equality and individuality of girls and boys.  



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