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Outcomes for the school


School Performance Tables


You can click here for the link to school performance tables.  This now shows our results for last year's cohort.  (May 2019)


In 2020, there were no SATS tests for KS2.  Using our own school assessment data, the school was on track for 71% of children reaching the expected standard in reading, writing and maths. 

We were on track for -

87% of children to reach the expected standard in reading

75% of children to reach the expected standard in writing

79% of children to reach the expected standard in maths

We were on track for 17% of children to acheive greater depth withing reading , writing and maths.  

KS2 results

All schools are required to publish their KS2 results.  At Brackenbury Primary School, we have had a clear focus on improving these year on year.  From initial starting points of well below the national average for progress (2017), we are now at the national average for reading, writing and maths.  This has happened in just two years.  Please see the table below.


STANDARDS  School National
% Expected standard in Reading  61 73
% Expected standard in Writing  61 78
% Expected standard in Maths 71 79
% Expected standard in RWM 57 65
% Greater depth within Reading 21 27
% Greater depth within Writing 11 20
% Greater depth within Maths  18 27
% Greater depth within RWM 0 11
Average score in reading 101.8 104.4
Average score in maths  101.7 105

Outcomes for Early Years

Our results in July 2019, showed that we are now at the national average for EYFS.  This has shown a considerable improvement from previous years.

2017 50% at a Good Level of Development

2018 58% at a Good Level of Development

2019 72% at a Good Level of Development

What next?

We will work hard to maintain these results through excellent quality provision and continuing professional development for our staff.  

Outcomes for Phonics

Our phonics results have increased from 2017 as a result of new clear structures for the teaching of phonics.  

2017 55% pass the phonics screening

2018 74% pass the phonics screening

2019 74% pass the phonics screening

What next?

Although results have not declined in the last year, we want to improve them further to reach at least the national average.  We are working with the Springhill English Hub to improve our scores so they are at least at national.  

KS1 results

Our outcomes have improved in the last year, including those children who are at a greater depth.  (NB R-reading; W-writing; M- mathematics)  We are now above the national average in writing.

2017 R 53% W 44%  M 60%

2018 R 66% W 52% M 59%

2019 R 74% W 74% M 70%

What next?

We recognise that each cohort of children is different, but we aim to ensure that we maintain high standards and set our targets high.  

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