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Brackenbury Best

At school, we have an overarching aim which is to be our Brackenbury Best.  Whether at work, play or our interactions with others, we try to do this.  This supports us to be good citizens in school, our community and the wider world.  Our school values, the Brackenbury Way and the School Code all help us to do that.  

being our brackenbury best

The Brackenbury Way

The Brackenbury Way helps us to be calm and kind

It gives us a shared language around the school.

It tells us how to be polite, move around the school, show pride in presentation and have amazing assemblies.

Brackenbury Values

Our school values are about being proud, determined and brave in our learning.

We also aspire to be proud, determined and brave people in school and in the wider world. 

We celebrate thse values in others and in our day-day lives. 

Brackenbury School Code

The school code is all about how we treat ourselves and other people.

The school code recognises the importance of being respectful, kind and honest.  It helps us reflect when we have to think about how we are with others, or with ourselves. 

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