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Welcome to Brackenbury Primary School

We are really proud to show you our rapidly improving school.   The children, families and staff members make this a great school to work in and be part of.  We are working incredibly hard to make sure your children have an enduring primary experience.  We have a dedicated staff team that work hard so your child will have the best start to school.   We try our Brackenbury Best to give your children a memorable all round education.  Do watch the video above to find out more about us.

Our prospectus is here for you to download or contact the school office for a paper copy.

Due to lockdown, we are not able to organise a tour in school.  However, we can offer a virtual tour.  Please do phone the office to organise one.  


Dear families,

I am really proud to show you our school.  I first came here as Acting Head at the end of February 2017 and I became the substantive head in March 2018.  I am delighted to serve our varied community.  The children, families and staff members make this a special school to work in and be part of.  We work  hard to make sure your children have an enduring primary experience.  We have a dedicated staff team that carefully plan so your child will have the best start to school so they are set up for learning for life. We nurture each child, ensuring they thrive academically, socially and emotionally.  #BrackenburyBest is what we strive for everyday in our work and play.  Children who have tried their Brackenbury Best and always keep our school code are invited to Hot Choc Friday with the head each week. 

Our school values reflect our aspirations.  

We are proud. This means we are proud of ourselves, our work, our friends, our school and our community.

We are determined.  This means we try our best; we are resilient and we keep trying even when things get tough.

We are brave.  This means we try new things and we stand up for what is right.

You will see this reflected around our school.

I am very proud of the efforts of our whole community - staff, children and families.  In the last two years we have:

  • Increased outcomes at the end of all Key Stages – EYFS, KS1 and KS2 – being in line with national for Early Years, writing at KS1 and postive progress scores in reading and maths at KS2.  This is a huge change in two years.
  • Completely rejuvenated our school’s learning environment.
  • Put a new team in the EYFS and revamped the environment to a very high standard.
  • Introduced a new science and IT room and are now applying for the science mark.
  • Introduced a new art room which is a very special facility and we are applying for the arts mark.
  • Further developed arts work through working with the National Theatre and Let’s Play, music concerts and participation in local events. 
  • Have developed a reading challenge that has raised the profile of reading and developed home libraries for childrenRevamped both playgrounds and the Woodland trail
  • Set up a school library
  • Gained the Silver Games Mark
  • Gained a healthy schools award for our breakfast club
  • Introduced Talk For Writing which is raising attainment in this area and developed maths mastery which has really supported our children and our results!
  • Introduced Hot Choc Friday to recognise the children who try their Brackenbury Best at all times

This year, 2020-2021, our school strategic plan is focusing on four core themes

    1. To support children on return to school post-lockdown SO THAT all children are able to access their learning and have positive relationships and school experiences.      
    1. To develop subject leadership across the school and embed the two-year curriculum SO THAT our creative curriculum is underpinned by academic rigour and all leaders have a strong overview and understanding of their subject.   
    2. To refine systems that have been put into place in 2017-2019 SO THAT we are capitalising on the momentum pre-lockdown.   
    1. To develop quality CPD through engagement with research SO THAT we continue to build on the very best classroom practice
    1. To ensure positive behaviour in and out of the classroom SO THAT children are thriving in their learning and their relationships.

A review from two school partnership advisors in May 2019, recognised the great strides that have been made here.  Here are some of their conclusions  –

The school’s shared vision ‘proud, determined, brave’ is clearly evident around the school.

Pupils and staff regularly refer to it as they reflect on their work and strive to ensure that all learners reach their full potential, academically, socially and emotionally.

Everyone is proud of their school.

Brackenbury Primary School is a happy place for all members of the community

Even in the tough times that we are in, our school has flourished, moved forward and been at the heart of our community.  I could not be prouder to serve the school and its community.  

Lizzie Mullarky - Headteacher

Brackenbury Buzz

School news and events are published in our fortnightly newsletter called the Brackenbury Buzz.  

The latest edition of the Buzz is posted here.



Learning with others

We are proud to be part of the Portslade Cluster of Schools.  We work with other schools for the good of all the children in our area.

As a member of the Sussex Coast Teaching School Alliance, we take part in training and research to improve outcomes for children and the quality of teaching in all subjects.

School News Feed
  • Event
    19 November 2020
    Dear families - thank you to our excellent Friends of Brackenbury for organising a funding page to replace the damaged resources for Reception and the lower playground. The fund is here https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8uqErXeHan?fbclid=IwAR07g_0lqRcvua0PaY9imiDIT0heCZCL_nhM71KhxURYtUWp4PE6LGR0CUg We have already raised £850 even though it only began yesterday. What a fabulous community - we cannot thank you enough for your generosity. Your Brackenbury Team
  • Event
    13 November 2020
    We raised the grand total of £208.02 for Children in Need. Thank you Brackenbury.
  • Important
    13 November 2020
    Please see the attached letter about reading at school, the new reading challenge and our Brackenbury reads.
  • Event
    12 November 2020
    The school photographer will be in school in the morning of the 25th November to take individual children's photos.
  • Event
    9 November 2020
    To support Children in Need on Friday 13th November children can come to school in their pyjamas. Buckets will be on the gates if you wish to make a donation.
  • Important
    3 November 2020
    Drop off and pick up
    Dear families, Thank you so much for supporting us by wearing masks at drop off and pick up. It really helps. The social distancing was present as well - thank you. In order to ease congestion in the lower building, we are asking Year 6 to finish at 3.10pm from today. If you are waiting with your child to pick up a Year 6 child, the child needs to stay with you and not play in the playground. Thank you - Lizzie
  • Important
    1 November 2020
    Dear families, As I am sure you are aware, it was announced yesterday that the country will be on a national lockdown from November 5th from midnight. Schools are NOT closing and will remain open to all children. There is no further direction from the government for schools at this time. If this changes, I will inform you. Children are expected to be in school unless they have Covid-19 symptoms or are self-isolating. you must inform the school if this is the case. Having reviewed our risk assessment, we do believe that our year group bubbles are as strong as they can be and there is little further action we can take here. However, in terms of drop off and pick up, I would like to request that any adults picking up or dropping off wear a mask during this time. It is important that we try and protect all our community as much as we can - now seems the right time to do this. May I also politely remind you that you need to pick up and drop off without hanging around and maintain 2 metre distance at all times - both of these measures really will make a difference. If your child is able to walk home by themselves, please do let them as that reduces crowding around the school. Please be respectful to others if they ask you to maintain distance. I will look at the end of the day and see if there needs to be any further staggering of finishing times. The mornings run smoothly and I want to ensure that pick up time works as well. It is a testing time for all of us, please contact the school if you need any clarification or have any concerns. Thank you for your continued support during this time. More than anything, we wish to remain open and ensure your children are able to learn in school and be with their friends. Best wishes - Lizzie Mullarky
  • Event
    19 October 2020
    The school photographer will be in school in the morning of the 25th November to take individual children's photos.
  • Important
    7 October 2020
    Please read the attached letter about the local Covid-19 situation. It is essential to maintain social distance whilst waiting outside of school. Thank you for your support in this.
  • Home_learning
    28 September 2020
    Dear families, Please find the attached letter about remote learning should a bubble or the wider school need to close. Please read carefully. I have also attached the longer document that sets out expectations for remote learning. The website has a page dedicated to Covid where you can find further details. The link is in the letter. Best wishes, Your Brackenbury Team
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