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Our Reception Class

We are delighted that a review commisioned by the local authority in March 2019 found the following strengths in our Early Years provision.

  • The quality of the learning environment which is exciting, engaging and offers the children opportunities to continue their learning independently across the different areas  of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. 
  • The quality of teaching by both the teacher and the teaching assistant. 
  • The children's behaviour for learning and the children's enthusiasm for learning.
  • The parental engagement in their child's learning.
  • The teacher's understanding about the stage of each individual child's learning and their next steps.

The report commented on the effectve and promt actions taken to address the areas for improvement by the leadership team and the EYFS staff since the May 2018 OFSTED inspection.  

Working closely with families

We believe that working closely with families really benefits the children in our care.  Before your child starts school, we invite parents to come and visit the school with their child to meet the team and get to know us.  We also have a 1-1 meeting with the teacher and parent just before they start with us.  It helps us understand your child better.  We pride ourselves on getting to know all our children really well.  

We have an open door policy with parents and encourage you to work in partnership with us.   "The teacher met each child and parent at the door and chatted professionally and amicably with the parents about the child." (March 2019 EYFS report)

Once the children have started, we have regular family reading sessions and we invite parents in to see our learning, for example by sharing books or watching performances.   

We are delighted with feedback from our parents - 

 "I am so proud of my son. He is learning so quickly."

"My daughter is really good at writing now."

"We've seen great academic progress and pastoral care.  The focus on reading confidence has really helped."

Teaching and Learning in Reception

We have a clear structure to our day, where the children are able to use both the indoor and outdoor environment.

"It was an exceptionally calm, puposeful start and the children clearly knew the routines of the day."  (March 2019 EYFS report)

We encourage a love of learning and are proud that our children leave Reception ready for their next stage of education.  

"They were confident and enthusiastic writers and completed their sentence using the words displayed around the room."  (March 2019 EYFS report)

We know that setting our expectations clearly to children helps them to engage with their learning and each other.

"Transitions through the morning were excellent.  The children clearly knew the expectations of the behaviour for learning." (March 2019 EYFS report)


Our knowledge organiser for the Autumn Term is found below.  It contains a list of key vocabulary and books the children are learning.  Please click here to download a copy for yourself.  

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