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We are Mathematicians

At Brackenbury Primary School we teach maths through a mastery approach. We have been on a journey to embed maths mastery across the school. The outcome of this has meant, most children are working within their year group’s curriculum.

The mastery approach involves segmenting learning into small steps, to ensure ‘no child is left behind,’ whilst ensuring there is no ceiling on a child’s potential to learn. All children are challenged through the use of ‘Star Challenges’ and the structure of the lessons allow children to explore a concept on a deeper level.  Teachers and teaching assistants are providing children with live feedback on their learning throughout the lesson and ensuring any misconceptions are tackled.  

We are committed to ensuring children develop their mathematical fluency and are encouraged to use reasoning to explain how they have solved a problem. Children are expected to use concrete resources from Reception to Year 6. This may involve exploring and manipulating numbers to using resources to help solve complex calculations further up the school. We ensure they are then pushed on and encouraged to move away from a visual representation and to using maths in its abstract form.

Teachers use the NCTEM professional development spines to play their lessons.  This allows for the progression of skills to build over time which is evident across the school.

As we are part of a number of local and nationwide school development projects, we are able to further our successes in maths. This allows all staff access to rich CPD and ensures we are active and engaged with maths community. 

Early number sense and number facts are taught through Mastery in Number, a programme that helps develop early fluency in number and additive facts. 

Timetables are taught and practised in Years 3-6 using Number Sense, a programme that helps children develop rapid recall of their times tables. 

We also have access to and encourage children to use Numbots and Timestables Rockstars to further develop their additive and multiplicative facts. 

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