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We are Designers

At Brackenbury Primary School, we believe that Design and Technology should be taught in a way that inspires our children to think creatively. Our pupils are encouraged to consider real-life problems: designing, practicing skills, making and evaluating; considering the final product, purpose and user. We aim to inspire pupils to be innovative and imaginative thinkers who have an appreciation for the product design process through brainstorming design ideas, creating their product and reflecting on its suitability.

We provide opportunities for our children to research past and present designs, understanding the impact that these products have on daily life. When designing, children are encouraged to think outside the box. They learn technical knowledge relating to structures, mechanisms, textiles and food technology. They also develop skills when using various tools safely including scissor, saws, hot glue gun and sewing. Our children are encouraged to evaluate and test their ideas and products, ensuring that it meets the initial design brief.

Our Ultimate goal is to ensure that our pupils leave with great life skills that they can develop in the future! 


For the DT skills progression document, click here

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