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At Brackenbury Primary School, we are working hard to have improved attendance.  The reasons why are as follows:

  • * Across the year there are just 190 school days.That means there are already 175 days set aside for weekends, holidays, family visits and rewarding days out.
  • * As a school we believe that every school day counts to give your child the greatest opportunity for attaining a good education and to support a happy and healthy future.
  • * 100% is recognised as an expected level of school attendance. If you withdraw your child from learning this has a big impact on their education but also on other aspects of school life.
  • From a young person’s perspective, missing school means:
  • * Missing out on fun projects and school activities
  • * Struggling to catch up on work
  • * Disconnecting with school friends.


What is good attendance?

We reward and celebrate good attendance in various ways:

  • 1. There is an Attendance Ted in Reception, Y1 and Y2 that goes to the class with the highest attendance each week.
  • 2. There is an Attendance Trophy that goes to the class with the highest attendance in Y3, Y4, Y5 or Y6.
  • 3. Monthly certificates are given to those children with 100% attendance.
  • 4. Letters are sent home to thank those families who have worked hard to improve attendance.

In September 2018, we sent home our first batch of certificates for 100% attendance - 128 certificates – this amounts to a creditable 71.5% of the school population.  We would like to improve this figure month on month. If your child has had 100% during the year, he or she will be entered into our winners' raffle in July 2019. Last year we awarded a fantastic attendance prize of a brand new bicycle, which was won by a child in Year 5.

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What happens if attendance falls below where it should be?

We will notify you if we are concerned about your child’s attendance.  Our Welfare Officer, Tracey Adams, will work with you to support you and we may call in for support from Maggie Baker, our independent attendance officer. 

Please note we do not authorise any holidays, unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

Please see our policy on attendance here.

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