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EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

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Some FAQS For Starting EYFS at Brackenbury. We know you will have many questions regarding your child starting school, in addition to these FAQs there are plenty of opportunities to gain information and ask questions.

Useful links which inform our practice:

Teaching and play in the early years – a balancing act? Results of a survey commissioned by Ofsted.


 PLAY and the revised EYFS 




ABC Does. A great website with an informative blog about Early Years provision and ideas for things you could try at home.


Q: Will my child visit the school before they start?

A: Absolutely! Around June time you child will be invited in for an afternoon or morning to meet their teacher and other adults who will be working with them. You will attend a talk from the Headteacher. If you are unable to attend you are welcome to arrange another time to pop in with your child.

Q: Are there any other opportunities for you to meet me and/or my child?

A: Yes, we will visit your child at nursery or pre-school before the summer. We will spend some time playing with them and speak to their key worker. This not only enables you child to have an opportunity to meet their teacher on their "home ground" but also enables us to find out about how your child prefers to play and learn. We use this information to plan the environment to meet the needs of all children. We will also come to your home for a "home visit" just before your child starts school in September. This is a very special opportunity for you to have some time with your child's teacher to talk about the interests and needs of your child.

Q: Will my child get water/milk/a snack?

Every child should bring in a water bottle which they can access this at any time. Every child in reception is entitled to a free piece of fruit, these change daily on a timetable organised by the fruit provider. You can, if you wish, send your own fruit snack. Please note fruit is the only snack children will be allowed. Your child is entitled to a carton of milk each day until their 5th birthday, after that you will be able to choose to pay for it. Whether it is free or not you MUST sign up for it here. It is provided by an external company and they only bring enough milk for those who have signed up. Unfortunately if your child's name is not on the list (even if they are still 4) we will be unable to provide your child with a carton of milk. You DO NOT need to sign up anywhere to recieve a snack.


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