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School Code

The School Code has been developed by pupils at Brackenbury Primary School and adopts the three core Permaculture Ethics: Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. They help us to be conscious of how we are treating our environment and how we relate to each other. They form the invisible structures within our school and guide the behaviours we display within it.

Our new School code combines the Eco principles and the behaviours for learning that we believe allow our pupils to grow and develop into the well balanced people they deserve to be. It is important to us that all of our children at Brackenbury Primary School demonstrate the Core Values, a growth mindset and positive learning behaviours, which enable them to be happy and successful individuals. This combined with having respect for one another; caring for the environment around us and gaining a greater understanding of our world will allow our pupils to leave school with the skills they need to be well respected and positively contributing citizens within the wider community.


More about Earth Care, People Care and Fair share

Earth Care

The Earth connects us all and is a source of wonder. As we play amongst and learn about other living species it helps us to understand how our actions support or damage natural habitats. As we care for the soil, the sea, the fresh waterways, the forests and the air, we are caring for ourselves. What small choices can we make to ensure the habitat of our school environment is as rich and diverse as possible?

People Care

Just as we are sustained by the Earth we are sustained by our communities and relationships. How then do we want to be with each other? How do we want to care for each other? How do we want to listen and speak to one another? Small changes can make big differences in our own lives, for our families, our local communities, and through our connections, across the world. Sharing food, stories, songs, and celebrations helps us build and strengthen these connections.

Fair share

Everything we eat and everything we use links us to the land it came from and the people who made it. What do we know about these resources? Where have they come from and what has been their journey? By understanding the story of our resources we can more fully appreciate their value. What plentiful resources do we already have? What can we give to others? Might our time and talents also be resources we can share?

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