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School Core Values

Brackenbury Primary School offers a curriculum based on our core learning values, which are:

Independence | Creativity | Interdependence


"Lessons capture pupils' attention and motivate pupils to learn.  The curriculum, which includes visits and practical work, is well designed and helps teachers to broaden pupils' experiences and develop their literacy, language and numeracy skills."
Ofsted, July 2013

At Brackenbury Primary School we take a holistic approach to education where the children are the centre of our community and are involved in the whole learning process.

We provide a rich and meaningful curriculum that enables the children to acquire the skills to become independent, co-operative and creative learners in a learning community where adults and children have the right to feel happy, safe and have lots of fun! 

Our strong ethos, which is underpinned by our school code, allows the children to explore how they like to learn, take risks and meet new challenges.  It helps to shape them as individuals and includes them as members of a community which is based on respect for each other’s individualism and listening to everyone’s opinion and contributions.

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