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Brackenbury Primary School, Portslade, Brighton, Schools, Brighton schools, Portslade schools, hove schools

10/04/2015 Summer term:  Extra Curricular Activities Timetable for Summer Term

New Basketball and Spanish Clubs coming to Brackenbury

The timetable of clubs and extra curricular activities on offer at Brackenbury Primary School is now avaialble to download on our Events and Extra Curricular Activities pages.

Curriculum Letters

New Curriculum Letter for 13.04.15 to 02.05.15 for the whole school. Click here to download on our Curriculum Letter page.

Latest  Brackenbury Buzz March 2015 issue now available

Please see our Newsletters pages.

22/07/2014:  SEND policy update information and consultation

Brackenbury Primary School is currently undertaking a review of the SEN policy to meet the new requirements for SEND in line with the new SEND Code of Practice which becomes effective from 1st September 2014. To provide an improved and compliant policy, we are committed to co-producing this document with families, children and young people.

Unfortunately, the consultation period for reviewing our existing policy will coincide with the holiday period as it will begin week commencing 22nd July and will end on 19th August. If you wish to contribute and participate in co-producing our policy, please express your interest and email: darrenheatley@brackenbury.brighton-hove.sch.uk.


10/07/2014:  Staff roles and responsibilities for 2014-15 academic year

Details of the roles and responsibilities for the whole of the staffing team at Brackenbury Primary for the upcoming academic year are now available to view and download on our staffing pages.


08/07/2014:  School uniform prices

Details of the prices of our school uniform are now available on our school uniform pages here.


Job vacancies at Brackenbury

Brackenbury Primary School currently has job vacancies for positions in our growing, inclusive and supporting school.  The vacancies are for Teaching Assistants and Midday Supervisors (note that the successful applicants must accept both roles).  Further details of the vacancies and an application pack are available on our Job Vacancies page.


The new Year 1 Curriculum Letter for the period 06/05/2014 to 09/06/2014 is now available to view and download on our Curriculum Letter pages.



Easter Mad Hatter Parade and bake Off photos!

See below for a few photos for from yesterdays excellent Easter Parade and bake off!  A fun time was had by all, with fabulour Easter hats worn by the children and lots and lots of lovely cakes to be tasted!  The bake off grand champion was

  Thank you and well done to everyone that took part!


17/03/2014:  Governors Meeting minutes now available

Minutes from Governing Body meetings from the 2013/14 Academic year to date are now available to download and view on the Governors pages of our website

Every school has a governing body made up of various members of the community.  The Governing body works closely with the Head Teacher and school management, and is part of the schools leadership team, responsible for strategic planning and policy development.  Governors work as a team with employed school leaders to help ensure that the school provides a good education to its pupils. 

The Governing Body at Brackenbury Primary School is split into two sub-committees.  The Education and Teaching Committee is responsible for the school curriculum, teaching, safeguarding, behaviour and inclusion, whilst the Resourcing Committee is responsible for resourcing issues with the school including finance, staffing and premises.

These sub-committees report to the Full Governing Body, which holds overall responsibility for the governance of the school.

The Governing body is made up of people appointed from different sources to help ensure that different skill sets, outlooks and viewpoints are heard.

Financial Benchmarking reports available

Brackenbury Primary School is committed to effective and efficient of our finances with the aim of maximising the resources available to improve our pupil’s education, and to achieving the best possible value in our use of public money.  To this end, we produce annual financial benchmarking reports that compare our expenditure in major cost areas (for example staffing and ICT resources) against that of similar schools. 

Benchmarking is used to identify significant differences in the way schools manage resources. Through comparison with other schools' spending and patterns of service, we can determine whether there is scope for doing things better: improving efficiency, reducing costs or identifying the potential scope for savings.

You can view our benchmarking reports for the last two financial years in our benchmarking pages.


The Reception curriculum letter for the period 24/02/2014 to 24/03/2014 has been released and is available to download on our curriculum letters pages.

14/02/2014:  Year 2 curriculum letter

The Year 2 curriculum letter for the period 10/02/2014 to 28/02/2014 has been released and is available to download on our curriculum letters pages.



As confirmed in this months Brackenbury Buzz, we have been informed by the School Travel Adviser from the Council’s Road Safety Team that last week two possibly fatal accidents were only just avoided on the road outside our school.  This is due to the high level of parked cars on Locks Hill at drop off and pick-up times obscuring visibility.  The Road Safety Team have requested enforcement, however this will not work alone.  The team have therefore requested that both schools, with the help of parents, update our travel plans to address the issues of illegal, inconsiderate, and unsafe parking.  As an interim measure please click on the image below to see the schools 5 minute walking zone map created by the Road Safety Team.  For more information on road safety in our city please see the Council's Road Safety pages.



Brackenbury Primary School, Portslade, Brighton, Schools, Brighton schools, Portslade schools, hove schools


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